Flowhub is easy seed to sale software for cannabis dispensaries. We help retailers and cultivators in Colorado, Oregon, Alaska, California, Michigan, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, and Nevada stay compliant with state regulatory agencies and automate reporting via the metrc™ API. Flowhub is proud to be one of the original metrc™ approved vendors with years of compliance experience.

With Flowhub you can:

  • Automatically sync your compliance data to metrc™
  • Experience smooth, fast, complaint transactions with our retail point-of-sale software
  • Manage all your product inventory in a central place
  • Scan IDs, verify age, and put customers into your queue with our check-in NUG
  • Watch your revenue grow with detailed reporting across locations

Built specifically to serve the highly regulated industry, our award-winning software simplifies compliance for more than 300 of the largest retailers and cultivators in the United States. See for yourself why Native Roots, operator of more than 20 locations in Colorado, trusts Flowhub:

Based in Denver, Colorado, we are a team of advocates who are passionate about supporting the legalized cannabis community. We are the compliance experts, and we're here for you.

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