EYECHRONIC.TV is the industry’s digital out-of-home leader backed by over a decade of experience in digital signage. The EYECHRONIC network is an ad-based television network that seamlessly broadcasts real-time content in cannabis shops across the United States. The company paces advertisements integrated with relevant consumer engagement content at the only legal point of sale in the country; while offering valuable analytics through technology that tracks customer flow ad network interaction.

EYECHRONIC provides unique incentives for customers for customers to interactive with displays such as social media engagement, live polling via SMS integration, mobile coupons, and industry leading news, entertainment and educational content.


Enrollment includes at no cost...

• FREE 50-inch commercial grade screen installed
• FREE store analytics platform
• FREE entertainment and educational content
• FREE screen promotions
• 2.5% ad revenue
• Reduce perceived wait times
• Increase ticket sale per visit

Eye Chronic Eye Chronic

Link to Demo Reel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VG7kIf0AwOA&feature=youtu.be

Learn more at: http://www.eyechronic.net