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Dispensary Text Marketing Software 


  • 99% open rate for text messages
  • Text messages are opened within 3 minutes
  • 43% boost in revenue after sending a  text message
  • Send targeted and personalized campaigns based on your customers' interests 
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Dispensary Digital Communication

Your customers are getting a million emails, seeing thousands of billboards and cannabis promotions - but the best way to get in front of your customers is through their phone by texting them. This may sound surprising, but promotional marijuana texting is no longer a gimmick. Rather it's a highly effective method to build strong customer relationships.

Why Text Your Customers?

On average, text messages have a 99% open rate, and are read within just 3 minutes of being sent. Why is that important for your dispensary? Whenever you run a daily deal, special, promotion, or offer from your dispensary loyalty program you can let all your customers know about it - and ASAP. That means you can drive traffic to your dispensary whenever you want. Having a slow period? Send out a text message promoting a happy hour to drive foot traffic at specific times. Is it a busy day? No sweat, you probably have more budtenders at your dispensary, anyway, text your customers to let them know they’ll get a little something special when they bring a friend. With our marketing platform, you’ll know that you’re reaching the right customers, at the right time, and they’re definitely seeing your message. Here are some just some of examples of text marketing campaigns,

Marijuana Text Loyalty Program
Dispensary Texting

push sales,
promos, & specials

Send offers to your customers, or better yet, with Springbig you can use their interests to determine which customers get what text messages. Have a customer group that loves edibles? Send them a 20% off all edibles text message or send BOGO offers to all of your customers.

Increase Sales

boost toot traffic

Is it a slow day at the dispensary? Send out a text message campaign with a happy hour offer or one day sale and turn it into one of your busiest days!

Cannabis Loyalty program

inform your customer immediaely

Need to close early? Let your customers know with a text message.

Cannabis CRM

Customer Relations Management

With Springbig text messages, you can create a cadence with your customers to text them when they reach a certain parameter (visit, spend, time away from your dispensary, etc.), automatically on their birthday, or after a visit (this is a great time to send customers a prompt to review your dispensary).

Best Practice Examples for Dispensary texting

Having best-in class dispensary digital communications software is not only about informing and enticing your customers about your cannabis rewards programs, it’s also about creating meaningful relationships with your customers and making them lifetime customers that return to your store again and again. A great way to do this is to make sure your text messages are clear, concise, effective, and enticing. 

“It’s Shatterday! Come into The Dispensary today to celebrate with us and receive 10% off all shatter today only!”

Sending daily deal campaigns so that your customers anticipate hearing from you on certain days and get excited to see what offers you’ll send them next.

“Hey you, we know you’re a big fan of our vape cartridges, so for today only, we’re offering you an exclusive 15% off deal on all cartridges!”

Sending loyalty program customers to interest specific text messages makes it more personal and allows you to send campaigns that will appeal to them specifically.

“It’s Shark Week and we’ve got some Jawsome deals for you! Come into The Dispensary all week and grab these jaw-dropping offers of 20% off all edibles and 10% off all top shelf flower.”

“Happy Mother’s Day! Come into The Dispensary and get mom the flowers she really deserves!”

Taking advantage of fun holidays and events is a great way to engage your customers and get them excited about spending the day with you.

Cannabis Text Marketing

“Hey, you! Yeah, you! We haven’t seen you in a while and we miss you! Stop by today or tomorrow to check out our new stock and snag 15% off your entire purchase.”

With Springbig’s AutoConnect text messaging feature, you can automatically send text message campaigns to customers who haven’t been in in a while and fit whatever parameters you decide!

“Thanks for spending time at The Dispensary! We would love to hear about your experience and ways to make our dispensary better. Please fill out this survey for 20% off your next visit. Go to: survey”

Dispensary text message marketing isn’t just for promoting your offers, specials, and deals, it also gives you a route to build meaningful relationships with your customers. Take the opportunity to reach out to them and show them you are about what they think by sending a survey, review page, and more

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