Dispensary Marketing Best Practices


Referral Programs

Turn your customers into marketing assets by offering them rewards in return for referring friends to enroll in your loyalty program. Word -of-mouth marketing is extremely valuable

springbig's software makes this easy for by allowing existing members to simply text out or share their referral link anywhere to get more customers in your store! 

springbig has a platform just for that!



Rewarding customers points based on every dollar they've spent at your dispensary is by far the superior method of structuring a loyalty rewards programBecause it proportionately rewards your VIPs. If you are distributing points based on visits you'll end up distributing rewards disproportionately, giving the same rewards to low spenders as you give to high spenders. There will also be no way to properly calculate the ROI of a rewards program when each point doesn't have a specific dollar value attached to it. 


Multiple Tiers 

Incentivize customers to spend more by creating multiple tiers of membership. This ensures the highest spenders and most frequent visitors are treated the best, while still rewarding those who may not be able to achieve the same shopping habits.

Visit Milestone Rewards

Use the springbig platform to set up automated rewards that are triggered when a customer reaches a milestone of your choosing. Reward customers for enrollment anniversaries, spend milestones, visit milestones and more.



The FCC requires text message marketers to give customers the ability to "opt-in" twice to ensure they are knowingly giving consent to receive promotional material. springbig provides an e-signature app as well as the required "reply-stop" feature in every text message sent.


The last thing you want to do is get marked as spam by your customers. Blowing up people's inboxes promotions irrelevant to their preferences will leave you on read. 


1 minute can make all the difference in whether a campaign converts or not. Using sprinbig you can ensure your messages are sent at exactly the right time through our autoconnect features. ​Use autoconnects to send win-back messages, after-visit surveys, birthday congrats, and even predict the next time a customer will come in! 

What better way to get perfect timing than leaving it up to AI. Let springbig predict the next time a customer is likely to visit and text them right before to increase those chances!

In addition there are a variety of behavioral triggers to choose from that when fired will send promotional messages based on timing, preference, spend habits, visit habits and more.


Birthdays and Milestones

Show members you appreciate them by sending them rewards when the pass a spend or visit milestone, (e.g. $1000 within a month). And always reward them on their special day. This can be automated of course so you don't have to worry about forgetting.

Rewards for Actions

There is nothing more valuable to a dispensary marketing team than information on a customer's preferences. But people don't just give that out for no reason. An easy way to get marketable information from customers is by offering them rewards in exchange for filling out there profile with whatever information you desire in return for loyalty points or a product from their favorite cannabis brand.

Branded  Coupons

Is there a specific brand you're trying to push? or one that you know your customers just can't resist? springbig allows you to send them coupons that can be redeemed specifically for those products.

Points for Free

Yes, you read that right, sometimes giving away points for free can be more valuable as rewarding points for a purchase. This is because someone who has points in their profile is 10x more likely to come into your store. And once they're in your store chances are they won't just spend the small amount of points you've given them on just a free pre-roll for example, but will purchase more product as well. 

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