dispensary loyalty rewards programs

  • What is a dispensary loyalty program?

    • A dispensary loyalty program is a rewards program where customers can sign up and earn points for every dollar spent. These points can be redeemed for cannabis rewards at the dispensary​.

  • Launching a cannabis customer loyalty program is crucial to the success of your cannabis dispensary because it ensures you're maintaining an engaging customer experience that turns new customers into repeat customers of your dispensary.  

  • According to the 80/20 rule, 80% of your business will come from the top 20% of your best customers. So decreasing the churn rate and increase customer retention among this 20% is essential to the success of a cannabis business.

benefits & features

of a cannabis loyalty program

Not all rewards programs are the right fit for cannabis dispensaries. So make sure you're choosing the right loyalty program for cannabis retail by choosing one that rewards loyalty points based on a points per dollar system instead of a points per visit system.

springbig's customer loyalty programs are the most effective tool for optimizing customer engagement by providing interactive and easy to use features like the digital wallet.

Use customer data collected with our CRM features to send exclusive deals, discounts, and rewards that are calculated based on how much customers spend, how often they visit, and what cannabis brands and products they buy.

Customer loyalty programs are the best marketing tool for boosting revenue because customers are incentivized to make purchases that exceeds a certain amount in order to earn rewards.

 Cannabis brands with the most loyal customers are brands that follow the 80/20 rule. springbig enables you to create tiers in your dispensary loyalty program so your best customers feel recognized.

Loyalty rewards are no longer stored on punch cards like coffee shop loyalty programs from the 90s. With springbig, rewards points and promotions are accessible right on the customer's phone and redeeming points is as easy as one click.

springbig is dedicated to providing the best customer service  experience  possible which is why we are constantly adding new features to our dispensary loyalty platform           

Boosting customer loyalty and improve brand recognition and awareness has never been easier with a POS integrated  loyalty rewards program with a text message marketing engine  to promote it.

Create customer persona segments to send target dispensary loyalty points and promotions based on purchase history and behavior. 

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