Cannabis CRM platform
Cannabis CRM 


  • A CRM allows you to capture key data on your customers and provide valuable insights into your sales and marketing programs.
  • Our industry-leading cannabis CRM software directly integrates with your POS and e-commerce systems.
  • Using a cannabis CRM will allow you to build relationships with your dispensary customers and patients resulting in increased retention, satisfaction, and basket size.
  • Our merchants saw a 15-25% increase after implementing our industry-leading Cannabis CRM solution.
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A CRM solution designed specifically for the Cannabis Dispensaries

A cannabis-specific CRM gives you the exact customer service, sales, and marketing options you need and is a surefire way to increase customer satisfaction and retention.  Other CRMs are not designed to accomodate the unique data points related to dispensary operations, springbig is. When combined with text marketing capabilities and integrated with your POS, crafting custom and targeted promotional campaigns based on insights into your inventory, better performance becomes as simple as a few clicks.

Dispensary CRM software


Stay Compliant With all State Cannabis Regulations.

Due to privacy laws, many regions restrict the use of loyalty, text message marketing and CRM capabilities. However, springbig has solved this problem with a proprietary application which allows cannabis vendors to easily collect customer opt-ins, while staying compliant with all marketing regulations. 

And we know the rules and regulations are constantly changing, but don't worry, our dedicated account managers are always up to date and ready to help you navigate your way towards a successful loyalty marketing strategy.

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