Cannabis Holiday Gift Guide

December 19, 2018 | Nat Shaul

Now that you've decorated your dispensary for the holidays to attract shoppers, what popular holiday items should you stock up on? The holidays require a different strategy than the rest of the year because because 51% of people will be gift shopping for others. An inexperienced buyer shopping for a cannabis enthusiast friend will likely feel overwhelmed by the sheer choice offered in most dispensaries. Give these shoppers peace of mind by curating products that are sure to please.

Target Customer Personas

The springbig platform gives you all the information you need to determine your customer personas and segment them into multiple groups based on interest and purchase history. (for more info on how to create customer personas click here). You can then target those segments with SMS promotions.

A single send SMS cannabis solution is even more valuable during the holidays when every single app on their phone will be blowing up with push notifications about deals and sales from every industry. Consumers tend to ignore these, while texts are opened 98% of the time.


Gift baskets provide a way for you and your staff to curate your inventory and select items that appeal to to a specific customer persona. Not only will gift baskets enable you to target existing customers but they will also allow you to market to non-users.

For example, if you have a large cosmetics segment in your customer base, create a gift basket with multiple THC and or CBD based cosmetic products as well as non-cannabis products like. A basket with cannabis based creams and lotions for example can be paired with a loofah. There are hundereds of beauty, health, and wellness CBD products, check out this list for more.

Create a range of gift baskets to appeal to everyone from the casual consumer to the enthusiast. Before deciding what customer interests you want to target see how much your customers actually spend in those categories. Most people have probably shown interest in pre-rolls, because hey who doesn’t love a free pre-roll now and then. So create premium baskets that cater to the highest valued segments.

Once you’ve made premium baskets make the “middle of the range” basket that appeals to the general categories such as Sativa baskets, CBD baskets, Concentrate etc..

Another strategy to create mass appeal and target non-specific segments is creating gift baskets that bundle the best products in each interest to create a quick and easy way for your loyal customers to get something they know they’ll like.

CBD is more popular than ever

CBD, the non-psychoactive component of Cannabis is quickly becoming one of the trendiest items in the country. Every industry from fast food to fitness is getting in on it. CBD extract infused edibles are the preferred method for these new users to experiment with CBD. In fact, according to google, “CBD gummies” was the most popular new food related search term of 2018.

 cbd gummies

As of now, CBD is legal in all but 4 US states and as the taboo surrounding the Cannabis plant continues to fade, many who were once teetotalers are opening up the numerous benefits provided by the Cannabis plant. And with the recent passing of the 2018 Farm Bill Hemp and its derivatives should be completely federally legal by next year.

This has created somewhat of a new “snake-oil” phenomenon surrounding CBD. It is not uncommon to hear claims that it can treat everything from the cold to cancer. These claims are most commonly seen from low-end brands targeting markets where cannabis remains illegal or heavily regulated and consumers are uneducated.

As a licensed dispensary you have access and knowledge of numerous high quality CBD products that inexperienced consumers may be ignorant too. Since the Holidays are a time when you must compete with not only other dispensaries but all other stores, promoting CBD is a great tactic to reach out beyond your usual niche.

How to use CBD to improve your Holiday experience.

If you’re like me, when you’re sitting around the table with your entire extended family, you’d like to be sedated but not intoxicated. If this is something you can identify with, then take my advice and try CBD to get you through Uncle Bob’s latest fishing story.

SAD treatment

Especially for some Canadian dispensaries where the sun can set at 4:30pm during winter! CBD is also marketed as a suitable treatment for SAD - Seasonal Affective Disorder.


Infused Holiday treats




Edible marijuana is becoming increasingly popular especially among first time users who are turned off by smoking. Especially because edibles give users total control over dosages, low THC content edibles are the most popular for beginners. In fact some Canadian provinces are set to release new regulations on Edibles in preparation for the increased demand during the holidays.

Take advantage of the increased demand for edibles, by offering Cannabis infused versions of some of the holiday’s most popular treats.

There are thousands of branded edibles, many of them regionally based, so it's up to you to stock up on those. But another idea you could try is selling holiday DIY edible cooking This adds an experiential factor to the product that encourages consumers to participate with others, another great opportunity for word-of-mouth promotion.

Some people think they need to be Walter White to make an edible, but in reality all you need is some flower,oil, and a recipe and you’re set! Just decarb the flower and cook it in the oil. If that seems to daunting for some customers, then you can always offer already made THC infused oi along with other ingredients.

Here are some examples of popular Holiday treats to infuse with the holiday spirit.

  • Candy Canes: These are the candy-corn of Christmas, pretty much just sugar dyed and shaped for the holiday. Adding a little something extra may just save these holiday staples from the trash bin.
  • Sugar Cookies: Who else needs midnight munchies other than Santa himself. Here’s a recipe for infused sugar cookies to give Santa a pick me up.(as always label your edibles to avoid mishaps, we wouldn’t want Santa to forget any children’s presents
  • Peppermint Lattes -- Hot drinks are a hot product during the winter holidays. So consider offering infused coffee or tea at checkout just as your customer is about to step back into the elements.

Being inclusive of all those who are celebrating is another great way to stand above the rest. Here are some examples of Hanukkah themed treats you could consider stocking.

  • Chocolate Coins - Also known as Hanukkah “Gelt” (Gold/Money in Yiddish) These Chocolate coins wrapped in gold are a popular treat on the Jewish Holiday of Hanukkah. There are often used as a form of no stakes fun “gambling” on the traditional spin the dreidel game. Raise the stakes on this traditional game of chance by adding more “value” (THC) to your “Gelt”
  • Latkes - These are essentially just potato pancakes fried in a lot of oil. So what better food to make with cannabis oil.


Stock-up on Stocking Stuffers

Expect to see an increase in purchases of low-cost ancillary items like grinders, papers, wraps that are usually impulse purchases. You may want to consider increasing your wholesale orders of these products for the Holiday season in preparation for holiday rush.

Specialty Holiday Items

These items offer more in terms of advertising value than actual resale value. Consider placing an outrageous holiday item in your window (or center of the floor depending on your states regulations on window ads) here are a few of our favorite examples

  • Menorah Bong - It’s very unlikely you’ll have many customers demanding this specialty product, but can you imagine the buzz you’ll create by lighting a joint for each night of Hanukkah and placing it in a ceremonial Glass piece for everyone to see
  • Christmas Tree -- Made of “tree” - This is too easy of a pun to not be made into a product. It’s so appealing that even Walmart is selling them