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7 Ways to Build Your Customer List with springbig

September 6, 2019 | Jeffrey Harris

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How to build your customer list in your dispensary loyalty program

We talk a lot about how cannabis retailers can use our dispensary text marketing platform to send some really awesome campaigns. We put focus on using unique messages to connect with a range of customers based on lists you create segmenting customers by behavior and interests.

But how does springbig work with you to build your customer list and make these features more effective in building customer loyalty and increasing customer spending? After all, you’ve got access to the fastest text engine designed specifically for the cannabis industry, why not use it to its full potential?

Additionally, springbig works hard to ensure that our platform is aligned with TCPA regulations. That is why our system provides double opt-in protection for our clients. So to further support our current and future clients, we will give you some hints as to how you can score those digits and build your customer contact list. 

1. incentivize 

First and foremost remember that dispensary loyalty marketing is all about rewarding customers to increase customer retention. So all of the following enrollment processes can and should be incentivized with a reward. For Example, “Text ‘pre-roll’ to this number to join our loyalty program and receive a free pre-roll with your first purchase.” Or offer a double points bonus on every dollar spent on a customer’s first purchase after enrolling.

2. online join forms

As a rule in the 21st century, every resource for your customers should live somewhere online. After all, today we carry some of the most sophisticated computers in our pockets. So one of the best ways to build your customer list is to have a page on your website dedicated to your dispensary’s loyalty program.

Harborside Loyalty Join Form Page

On this page of your website, you’ll want to include a join form that can be customized to fit your brand. Once a customer fills out that online form and submits their phone number, they will receive a text message to confirm their opt-in to your rewards program. With a loyalty page on your site, you can even share the URL on social media posts to encourage customers to join.   

3. text-to-join

Another very popular way to build lists in your dispensary loyalty software is through a text-to-join code. In fact, many cannabis businesses with springbig have found some very creative and effective strategies for promoting their text-to-join option. 

For example, many dispensaries print business cards and flyers with their text-to-join code, which they display around their stores or hand out at events. Others have even gone the extra mile, putting their text-to-join information on billboards and jumbotrons during sporting events or music festivals.

Fine Fettle text-to-join code cardsSomething else that makes text-to-join work so well with springbig is your ability to customize your text-to-join options. Don’t want people trying to memorize some random combination of letters and numbers? Just make your text to join something easy to remember that relates to your brand. Additionally, dispensaries with multiple locations can easily create multiple text-to-join codes for each of their stores.  

Again, once the customer texts your join code, they will receive a message confirming they’ve opted in. And to keep it convenient, any SMS marketing you send them will come from that same text-to-join number.

Oh, and remember that loyalty page on your website? Put the text-to-join there as well! Two birds, one stoned!

4. QR code

We get it, for some people even the text-to-join option is just too much typing (shakes head in millennial). Luckily, text-to-join can be made even more convenient with a QR code. Simply by scanning your QR code, a loyal customer can have the text-to-join message automatically loaded onto their phone and ready to send with one click, skipping ahead a bit in the enrollment process. 

Additionally, you can set up the QR code to give your customers direct access to the join form. Once they’ve entered their information, they will receive the same double opt-in SMS.

Don’t know how to get a QR code? A simple google search can help you find many QR code generators online that you can use.

Once you have your custom QR code, you can apply it to print materials, business cards and flyers to promote around your store and at outside events.  

5. kiosks at events

Despite the ease of digital communication, some people still respond better to a more in-person approach. You can never go wrong with adding a personal touch when marketing your dispensary loyalty program. A face-to-face introduction to your rewards program gives customers a chance to ask questions, which can increase the chances of adding some names to your list because they get a better idea of what they are signing up for. 

So it only makes sense to promote your cannabis loyalty program at a kiosk, whether as part of an event or for any reason just about anywhere. Set up public space with some of your dispensary staff and budtenders who are familiar with how your dispensary loyalty program operates, and show people who visit your table or booth why and how to enroll. Of course, make sure to follow your local advertising laws, as they may restrict different kinds of public marketing.

We know what you’re thinking, and yes - this is the perfect place to hand out all those business cards or flyers with your text-to-join or QR code! Not to mention, your kiosk team will be able to walk people through the enrollment process if necessary, making sure they understand the double opt-in process and how to complete their customer profile.  

6. with educational information  

Knowledge is power, and a good education goes a long way in the wonderful world of cannabis. For this reason, a lot of cannabis retailers make educational information available to customers who visit their stores. For instance, some marijuana dispensaries will have digital displays or interactive kiosks in their retail shops that offer information on:

  • Differences in strains
  • Common effects of different products
  • Common medical uses for some products

These information centers are also a good place to explain the benefits of a loyalty rewards program to your customers. For new customers who are trying to learn, this can feel like a way to get the most out of the experience. It also gives other customers a chance to check out this information while in line at your dispensary.

Again, use this opportunity to share your text-to-join information or a QR code they can scan to enroll on the spot. 

7. via pos integration

This is probably one of the easiest options for building your contact list with springbig, because it requires almost no effort on your part. Simply put, when a repeat customer comes into your dispensary, your budtenders can talk to them about your cannabis loyalty program and inform them that all they need is a phone number to enroll. 

Our seamless integration with all major cannabis POS systems allows us to not only enroll new members in real-time but also allows for collecting data points on each customer’s activity with your store. So while you’re building your customer list, you’re also adding important data on customer behavior and preferences that can be used in dispensary marketing strategy.