dispensary loyalty marketing & crm

Dispensary CRM and Loyalty Rewards

custom dispensary loyalty programs at your fingertips. 

Our cannabis marketing platform was designed specifically for the needs of a marijuana dispensary. By integrating powerful loyalty management and digital marketing software directly into your POS, our platform enables you to increase revenue and build customer loyalty. A dispensary marketing strategy is no longer a guessing game with data driven advertising pushed directly to customer's phones.

Our open API allows seamless integration of our text message marketing and dispensary loyalty software with all major dispensary POS systems. This combined suite of dispensary marketing tools  places a powerful cannabis marketing platform at your fingertips with no extra hardware or hassle.


a superior dispensary marketing platform helps you craft the perfect cannabis loyalty rewards program.

Cannabis CRM

increased retention

smart business owners know that retaining existing customers is over 10x more valuable than earning new ones. springbig's dispensary marketing platform is proven to more than double your customer loyalty metric.

low churn rates

increased visit frequency

springbig's smart automated messaging and segmentation can send personalized and targeted campaigns driving customers into your store more often.

Increased spending

increase sales

Cannabis loyalty programs shouldn't just increase visit frequency. They must also encourage customers to spend more on each of those visits. A Points-Per-Spend system incentivizes customers better than a visits based loyalty program leading to revenue increases of up to 35%.

Cannabis CRM
Dispensary Loyalty Program

text your customers

text messages are at the forefront of any dispensary digital communication solution and far more effective than push notifications

Dispensary SMS marketing

mms messaging

springbig’s mms messages let your customers see your new products as they come in and hear about them as you market them.

Cannabis loyalty Rewards

loyalty & rewards

customers are rewarded points for making a purchase at your store – to later redeem their unique cannabis rewards preselected by you.

Smart Cannabis Marketing

targeted marketing campaigns

targeted marketing means you get the right information in front of the right people. Breaking down your customers based on preference allows you to market more effectively and gain a deeper understanding of your business

Automated Cannabis Marketing


Take the stress out of Cannabis CRM with automated dispensary digital communications. Just set it and forget it - you don't have to lift a finger.

Cannabis Texting


Understanding customer behavior and preferences is critical to maintaining a strong relationship with them – our real time analytics provide import data driven business insights for cannabis retailers.

powerful results, instantly

increased retention

increased retention

on average businesses using springbig see a 25% sales lift per campaign sent

cannabis retail conversion

increased conversion

businesses using springbig's targeted campaigns see a 10x increase in conversion rates

cannabis brand loyalty

increased brand loyalty

using springbig's analytics you can target customer's based on brand preferences with custom promotions

springbig pays for itself

Dispensary Loyalty Programs That Work

Sending a dispensary text message promotion through springbig increases customer visits by 25% on average. Just take one of our businesses in San Diego for example. A day without sending an SMS campaign brought in roughly 175 visits, when sending a campaign the dispensary saw an average of 25% lift in traffic or 40 additional visits.

At an average of $45 spend per visit, the business sees an additional $1,800 revenue per day!

ROI is guaranteed when using our points-based dispensary loyalty program and because of full transactional integration between our marketing software and your POS you can see the results instantly!

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