Your customer service, products, and loyalty program might be amazing, but with the constant influx of new dispensaries hitting the market, creating sticky customers isn’t always so easy. The store that just opened down the road offering better prices or a more diverse selection could be a threat to your dispensary retention. If you have customers leaving you for those other guys, don’t panic. We have 3 easy and effective tactics to win them back!

  1. Give customers an incentive to return. Tempt them with great deals, like a percentage off their next purchase or a free gram for their loyal business. Use springBIG’s marijuana dispensary texting platform for a quick and easy way to let customers know about your offer.
  2. Tell them you have improved. Collect customer feedback and find areas of your business model where you can smooth things out. Make sure your budtenders are customer service pros. Make sure you have the strains and edibles your customers want. Make sure your prices are fair, your checkin and purchase processes run efficiently, and you offer discounts and deals. Let customers know you’ve been working hard to build the dispensary of their dreams. When they know you truly care about their opinions, they’ll care much more about supporting your business.
  3. Reach out to them on social media. From customer appreciation day to online giveaways, be sure to utilize your social platforms to reach customers en masse and let them know you’re staying current and providing what they want.

At the end of the day, marijuana dispensary communication is key to getting customers into your store, whether it be their third or thirtieth visit. Focus on communicating incentives, customer service initiatives, and customer appreciation ideas, and you’ll have customers wondering why they ever left in the first place!