Mobile marketing makes money. Repeat that five times fast. springBIG provides texting for dispensaries, so you can instantly reach customers and accomplish these 10 other things:

  1. Save $$ – Using springBIG dispensary SMS marketing software is incredibly profitable! We offer the cheapest rates, so you can market and advertise in a cost-effective, time-efficient manner.
  2. Reach more people. It isn’t just millennials who always have their smartphones on them! Most of your clients probably check their phones numerous throughout the day, if not all the time. Use that to your advantage by reminding them about your dispensary with mobile notifications.
  3. Track and Analyze consumer data. Switching to digital marketing software means that you have a leg up when it comes to measuring customer loyalty, viewing customer feedback, and keeping track of what’s selling from one, comprehensive, digital dashboard.
  4. Increase the sense of urgency. Something about a text message implies, “Read and respond!” When customers see the message light up their phone screens, they’ll be sure check what it says and act accordingly. Send messages that play up to the urgency of text message marketing, such as: “Come in now to receive BOGO 15% Off on pre-rolls, today only.”
  5. Build relationships with customers. SMS isn’t only easy, but it’s also more personal than other mass marketing techniques. When you send a text directly to customers’ personal cellphones, you’re strengthening your b2c bond and boosting customer loyalty.
  6. Reduce paper by distributing mobile coupons. A text message is a simple alternative to the roll of coupons you get at the grocery store and will allow your customers to more easily keep track of your newest strains and discounts. Efficient and environmentally friendly — what could be better?
  7. Protect your customers. Have patients who need certain CBD products for specific medical issues? Because of how personal this type of messaging is, dispensary texting is a great way to retain customer privacy and familiarize yourself with their needs.
  8. Short code technology makes it easier for customers to choose what mobile information they want to receive. By texting a keyword to your number, customers can decide what texts they’ll get from you, or they can choose to opt out of texts altogether if text message marketing just isn’t their thing. While that’s obviously not the best scenario, remember that consent and respect are key when it comes to building trust with clients.
  9. Poll clients more easily.Closely related to customer analysis, this is one way to track consumer interests and loyalty and have clients feel more involved in the dispensary improvement process. Mobile marketing provides an easy way to distribute polls about customers’ favorite marijuana products, direct marketing methods, or loyalty program rewards.
  10. Group texts are a great way to chat with multiple customers, employees, and/or partners at once. Group messaging applications like Slack and GroupMe create a small social network for your business, playing up to the sense of community that already exists in the marijuana industry.

It’s easy. It’s cost effective. It’s everywhere. With so many benefits, it’s clear to see how SMS marketing can give your business the boost it needs. Join forces with springBIG and start texting your customers today!