The world of text message marketing is now right at your fingertips, especially with springBIG’s marijuana dispensary software. There is one messaging tool you’ll want to use sparingly though: push notifications. These digital notifications allow you to let users know about new deals or events, even when their devices are locked or applications are closed. Sounds cool, right? Not always. Here are some points to consider if you’re thinking about using this type of messaging:

  • DO NOT overuse push notifications and spam your customers’ devices. One notification a week could be plenty. According to Localytics, an app analytics software company, if you send more than that — about 2-5 messages per week — there is a good chance customers will opt out of your push notifications. If they become too fed up, they may even delete your contact info, which is probably the last thing you want if you’re trying to spread the word about how awesome your dispensary is.
  • DO keep content relevant. It’s easy to ignore a spam email and delete it later when you’re scrolling through your inbox. With push notifications, that’s not really the case as they pop up on your phone or tablet screen, even when you’re not using your device. Make sure the notifications you’re sending contain messages people want to see, like links to loyalty rewards or short blurbs about current promotions and offers.
  • DO send messages at the right times. If you set push notifications to be sent at 4 AM, you’re probably not using the clock to your advantage. Customers want you to treat them well, and detracting from their beauty sleep may not be greatest way to do that. Carefully consider timing when you send out a push notification. Try to avoid sending messages when customers are receiving all of their daily deals from other companies, so your message isn’t deleted with all the others.
  • DO NOT send the same push to every customer. Not everyone cares about the same things. This is a good thing to keep in mind no matter how you choose to contact your customers. When it comes to push notifications, there are different ways you can personalize messages:
    • When customers sign up for push notifications on their devices, have them digitally answer a few questions about preferences first.
    • Track, track, track! Customer analysis should be one of the most utilized tools in your marketing toolbox, and springBIG’s Markit preference-based customer segmentation tool is here to help! This way, you can follow, in real time, what your customers are buying and what notifications they’ll want to see.

If you do choose to send push notifications, make sure you use them sparingly, sending individualized content that customers will be excited about. These messages can be a helpful direct mobile marketing tool, but keep in mind — when it comes to push notifications, don’t push it!