The benefits of starting a customer loyalty program for your dispensary are straightforward and clear: more sales and offers + happier customers = more business + happier you. Rewards programs are easy to run, especially with springBIG dispensary marketing software. However, as with almost everything, there is a margin for error in operating your dispensary loyalty program. Check out these three mistakes you should avoid:

  • Your system is too confusing – Do your loyalty points add up unevenly? Are you making customers’ heads spin with too many promotions at once? Find your middle ground when it comes to how often you’d like to offer rewards and how you’d like to distribute them. The springBIG dispensary loyalty program dashboard is an excellent and organized tool to keep track of your dispensary’s promotions.
  • You’re using the wrong reward program tactics – You’re still stuck on punch cards when everyone else has moved on to tablets. You’re offering point systems when your clients just want straightforward discounts. With so many loyalty marketing strategies, you have to be smart when selecting the methods that will work best for your business. Things to consider include the size of your dispensary, location, your client pool, and time/cost-effectiveness.
  • Your incentives could use a boost – Your customers may not be interested in buying 9 Cannabis Cookies and get the 10th free if they’re most interested in Sour Diesel. Maybe you’re located in a super health-conscious neighborhood and you’re offering great deals on fudgy pot brownies. When picking your prizes, consider the best ways you can cater, on an individualized level, to your loyal customers.

As long as you work around these three things, your dispensary rewards program and a little help from SpringBIG will surely boost loyalty and revenue. Go on, start celebrating your store’s success.