Expanding your customer network is an essential part of running your marijuana dispensary, but when it comes to maintaining and increasing revenue, loyal customers could be your golden ticket. Check out these 5 ways you can make more money from customers you already have:

  1. Reward Programs –  Give customers an incentive to spend more at your dispensary. Using springBIG dispensary loyalty program software to guide you, increase customer satisfaction by offering membership deals in which customers can receive points and redeem them for promotional offers and discounts.
  2. Markit – With our innovative customer segmentation software, you can track your customers’ interests to get a better picture of what sells and what customers like best. Have patients who buy a certain strain for PTSD or anxiety? Customers, who are crazy for cannabis gummies? Track and cater directly to them based on their preferred products. When you familiarize yourself with their needs, you show customers you genuinely care about them, not only as consumers but also as friends. After all, camaraderie is what the marijuana industry is all about
  3. AutoConnect – This springBIG dashboard feature works hand-in-hand with Markit to send out automated, segment-specific email campaigns based on parameters you set. This tool allows you to set up effective, direct email marketing and text message promotions, lean back, and watch the springBIG platform handle all the work.
  4. Tiered Loyalty – Your dispensary may not have all the fame and recognition of Starbucks or Sephora, but you can definitely have their loyalty reward program structure. Establish a program with levels and upgrades, depending on how much customers purchase at your store in an extended period of time, like one year. Then offer your most loyal customers upgrades with more frequent deals and first access to new strains. This will make customers feel appreciated, valued, and excited to come back for more and see how else they can save.

Use these 4 tips to build the perfect dispensary loyalty rewards program and in turn build the perfect dispensary. By putting time and resources into improving business experiences for your existing buyers, you’ll improve customer loyalty, increase business, and make more money!