SpringBIG can boost your dispensary sales by up to 50%

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SpringBIG is the Most Powerful & Flexible Dispensary Loyalty Reward
And Texting Program in the Market Today


SpringBIG offers a wide variety of pre-configured automated marketing campaigns, making engaging your customers an easy process.


SpringBIG helps drive customer purchases by connecting to them through targeted social media, e-mail and text message campaigns.


SpringBIG’s powerful and robust dashboard allows you to track and measure your program’s success and ROI in real time.

Simple Point of Sale Enrollment

We have made it easy for your customer to signup for your loyalty rewards and texting program without wasting their valuable time. This simple process means you increase your customer enrollment.

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Lose the Punch card with Digital Rewards

Send professional email & texts from your SpringBIG dashboard. Using email and text messages to send your loyalty rewards is fast, easy and cost effective.
  • Build your loyalty program in just minutes
  • Bring customers back with custom rewards
  • Send texts and email effortlessly
  • Track results and profits

Powerful Dashboard Provides Insight Into Your
Customers & Promotions.



Slow Business Day?

By using SpringBIG’s Loyalty Rewards Platform, businesses can bring a whole new hustle and bustle through their doors. SpringBIG makes it easy to send a personalized message with a special incentive to a SMS text list of your customer base. With increased loyalty through incentive, your business is going to get a whole lot busier.

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SpringBIG is the most powerful, flexible, Dispensary loyalty marketing program in the market today. Now you can boost customer loyalty and engage customers after they leave your Dispensary which will lead to:
  • Increased visits
  • Increased sales
  • Increased profits
  • Increased rewards

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